Support and Public Assistance

If you or your child gets public assistance in cash, any support is paid directly to the Human Resources Administration (HRA) in New York City or the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) outside of New York City and not to you.

The support money is used to pay back public assistance but you will get some of the support money each month on top of your public assistance grant.

If you get child support and public assistance, you must cooperate with HRA or OTDA as they try to get child support from the other parent. This means that you must give them any information on the other parent like home and work addresses and you must go to court if necessary.

If there is a history of domestic violence and you or your child are in danger, HRA or OTDA might agree that it's best if you don't try to get the child support from the other parent. To show that there's a danger of domestic violence, bring in orders of protection, police reports, and hospital records.


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