Custody & Visitation Mediation

When you come to court about custody or visitation with your child, you may have a choice: whether to have file your petition and have your case heard in front of a Judge (or referee) or to have your case referred to mediation.


About Mediation

Mediation is a way for you and the other parent to create your own parenting plan. It is a way to avoid going to court.

A mediation session is between you, the other parent, and the mediator. A mediator is a person who is trained to help you and the other parent to figure out what is best for your family. The mediator does not give advice or make the parenting plan for you; the parents decide what the parenting plan should be. If the parents agree to a parenting plan, it becomes a court order if the Judge approves.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. Anything you discuss in mediation is between you, the other parent, and the mediator (but allegations of child abuse or threats are not confidential).

Not all cases are appropriate for mediation. The mediator will determine if it is right for you and the other parent.


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