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Monthly Installment Payment Plans for Vehicle & Traffic Offenses

Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1802(2)

Beginning June 29, 2021, a monthly installment payment plan option is available to pay fines, fees and surcharges in vehicle and traffic cases. 

The following is a brief summary of the law:

  1. You are permitted to pay any fines, fees or surcharges via a monthly installment payment plan when you are:
    1. Convicted of a Vehicle and Traffic Law offense; or
    2. Convicted of a local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation related to traffic; or
    3. Subject to an order under Vehicle and Traffic Law section 227(3).
  2. The judge sets the monthly installment amount.
    1. The minimum monthly installment amount is $25/month; or
    2. The judge may set an amount up to 2% of your net monthly income.

      NOTE: For the purposes of calculating net monthly income, legal deductions, including but not limited to court-ordered wage garnishments or child support payments, are subtracted from the net income amount.
  3. No additional charges or interest are added to an installment payment plan.
  4. Your fines, fees and surcharges can be waived or reduced if the judge finds that it is in the interests of justice to do so.
  5. To establish an installment payment plan, the judge may require you to submit a Financial Disclosure Report (AA-FDR) form.  Download a fillable version of the Financial Disclosure Report (AA-FDR) form. 
  6. Once you are placed on an installment payment plan, the judge may require you to appear in court once per year to reassess your financial circumstances, and the judge may increase or decrease your monthly installment payment plan amount if your net income changes.
  7. Even if the judge does not require you to appear to reassess your financial circumstances, you may ask the court to reduce your monthly payment amount if your net monthly income decreases, but you can only make up to two reduction requests per calendar year.




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