The Plaintiff must submit this document to the court with the divorce papers where the services of the Support Collection Unit (SCU) are requested by either Plaintiff or Defendant. The Defendant may also complete this form. The party requesting child support services must provide a completed copy of this formwith their own application for child support services and a copy of the signed Form UD-11 (Judgment of Divorce) to their local SCU within 20 days after entry of the Judgment of Divorce. See instructions for Field 20 of the UD-6(Plaintiff’s Affidavit) and Field 14 of the UD-7 (Defendant’s Affidavit) and Field 38 of the UD-11 (Judgment of Divorce). The Support Collection Unit is a state agency that assists litigants in obtaining the child support that has been ordered by the court. You may utilize the service or decline the service. If you decline the service you may apply to the Support Collection Unit in the future to assist you in obtaining the child support that the court has ordered to be paid.

Field 1: Fill in the county in which the action is brought.
Field 2: Print the Plaintiff's na
Field 3: Write in the index number assigned to this case.
Field 4: Print the Defendant's name.
Field 5: Fill in the Plaintiff's name, address, date of birth and social security number.
Field 6: Fill in the Defendant's name, address, date of birth and social security number.
Field 7: Fill in the date and the place of marriage.
Field 8: Check the appropriate box.
Field 9: Indicate the name(s) and date(s) of birth of the unemancipated child(ren). List the amount of support for each child and check the appropriate box for either per week or per month.
Field 10: Indicate who will be receiving the support payments by checking the appropriate box.
Field 11: Fill in the name and address of the third-party person if this person is receiving the support payments.
Field 12: Fill in the non-custodial parent's employer's name and address.
Field 13: Fill in the date the form is completed.