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E-Voucher Training Video
This 45 minute video provides instruction on the basic application of the e-voucher system and is best used in conjunction with the e-voucher manual. Some upgrades or changes may have been made to the system since production of this video. Specifically, "real time" billing will be implemented in the system as of November 15, 2011 but is not included in the video. While the screen shots on this video are not clearly legible, they do provide an instructional representation of how the system works.

For optimal viewing, you should download the video to your PC. By saving this file to your local drive, this will allow you to run the video at any time from your local PC, rather than the internet.

Please take the following steps to save this file to your local drive.

1. Right click on the E-Voucher Training Video link, below.
2. From the menu Select "Save Target as".
3. Select a location on your local machine.  (For example, Desktop or My Documents)
The file name "webvoucher.wmv" is displayed in the File Name field.
4. Press Enter or click the Save button to begin the download of the file.
When the download is complete you can opt to click on one of the buttons:
Open - this launches the video.
Open Folder - this opens the folder where you saved the file.
Close - this will close the download window.

After following the above steps, navigate to the location you saved the file and double click the webvoucher.wmv file to view the video, at any time.


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