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State of New York
Supreme Court, Appellate Division
Third Judicial Department

Clerkship Opportunities

The Justices of the Court generally hire career clerks and therefore do not regularly accept applications for personal law clerks.

The Third Department has a temporary clerkship program by which it hires six or seven applicants each year to serve in the Court's law research department. This pool clerkship is a two-year program, beginning in August. Successful applicants work as appellate court attorneys, authoring internal and confidential memoranda. This opportunity is traditionally posted on the "Careers with the Third Department" page at the end of July each summer and the application deadline is in the middle of September. The required application materials are a UCS-5 application form, cover letter, resume, law school transcript and self-edited writing sample. Applicants in the top 10 percent of their law school class and those with law review/journal experience are encouraged to apply. For further information about the Court's two-year clerkship, please email

Internships with the Court

Although some of the Justices on the Court will accept law school interns, interns are generally selected by application through a law school program.