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I. Civil Admission and Retention
                         Rights in Facilities

                         II. Criminal Proceedings - Incapacitated Defendants and Those Found Not Responsible
                         Representing Clients with Mental Disabilities
                         Ending Disparities and Achieving Justice for Individuals with Mental Disabilities

                         III. MHLS Origins and Functions
                         MHLS at 50
                         MHLS Offers Guidance, Hope to the Vulnerable

                         IV. Guardianship, Trusts and Health Care Decision Making
                         Guardianship: A Civil Rights Perspective
                         "Beyond Being Mortal":  Safeguarding the Rights of People with Developmental Disabilities
                         Legal and Ethical Standards
                         Psychiatric Advance Directives
                         Birth of a Third Party Agency Trust
                         Third Party Agency Trust

                         V. Special Populations
                         Rights of People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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