Foreclosure Data Collection Instructions

Dear Attorney:

The following instructions will assist you in sending foreclosure information electronically to the New York State Unified Court System.

For further assistance please contact the Office of Court Administration Technology Help Center at or 518-622-2522.


1. Please provide the foreclosure information in the format described in the Sample Excel and Sample PDF documents below.

2. If a case has multiple defendants, please list each defendant separately.

3. For the Index Number field, please use the format used by the specific county.

4. Please also note that the date format is: mm/dd/yyyy.

5. Acceptable file formats include: Excel (sample attached), Quattro Pro, CSV (comma-separated values), tab-separated values.

6. Send the file as an email attachment to: Please make the subject of the email 'Foreclosure Data'.  In the body of the email provide your contact information including a telephone number where you can be reached.

Sample Documents

Sample Excel File

Sample PDF