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  Fall 2008         Special Issue on Juries

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A Word from the Executive Editors
By Greg Berman, Robert G.M. Keating, Michelle S. Simon | PDFPDF

Why Juries? Looking Back, Looking Ahead
By Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye (Ret.) | PDFPDF

Jury Trial Innovations Across America: How We Are Teaching
and Learning from Each Other

By Gregory E. Mize and Paula Hannaford-Agor | PDFPDF

Testing the Comprehensibility of Jury Instructions: California's
Old and New Instructions on Circumstantial Evidence

By Peter Tiersma and Mathew Curtis | PDFPDF

Helping the Jury: An Argument for Sending Summary Demonstrative Evidence into the Jury Room
By Ryan E. Ferch | PDF PDF

Practice Pieces
How Juror Internet Use Has Changed the American Jury Trial 
By Ellen Brickman, Julie Blackman, Roy Futterman, Jed Dinnerstein | PDFPDF

New Mexico’s Success with Non-English Speaking Jurors
By Chief Justice Edward L. Chávez | PDFPDF

Lessons Learned from Jurors’ Questions About Evidence During Trial
By Anthony J. Ferrara | PDFPDF

Bridging Theory and Practice: A Roundtable on Court Responses
to Domestic Violence

By Carolyn Turgeon | PDF PDF

G. Thomas Munsterman: Guilty (of a Career Dedicated to Improving
the Jury System)

By Robert V. Wolf | PDF PDF

Book Review
Scientific Jury Selection by Joel D. Lieberman & Bruce D. Sales
By Gary R. Giewat, Ph.D. | PDF PDF


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