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  Spring 2009  
  Colloquium on the Future of Commercial Litigation

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A Word from the Executive Editors
By Greg Berman and Michelle S. Simon | PDFPDF

Part One:
Colloquium on the Future of Commercial Litigation in New York: Developing a Cost-Efficient Process for the Electronic Age

Introduction to the Colloquium
By Jeremy R. Feinberg | PDFPDF

By Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye (Ret.) | PDFPDF

Morning Keynote: E-Discovery in Commercial Litigation:
Finding a Way Out of Purgatory 

Remarks by Kenneth J. Withers | PDFPDF

E-Discovery Panel | PDFPDF

Afternoon Keynote: ADR in New York  
Remarks by Stephen Crane | PDFPDF


State E-Discovery Rule-Making after the 2006 Federal Amendments:
An Update and Evaluation

By Thomas Y. Allman | PDFPDF

Part Two:
Practice Pieces

The Dilemmas and Opportunities of Collaboration: Drawing Lessons
from One Mental Health Court

By Michelle Manasse | PDFPDF

A New Way of Doing Business: A Conversation about the Statewide Coordination of Problem-Solving Courts
By Robert V. Wolf | PDFPDF

Book Reviews
Prison Profiteers: Who Makes Money from Mass Incarceration edited
by Tara Herivel and Paul Wright

By Melissa Chan | PDFPDF

Law Lit by Thane Rosenbaum
By Ashlea Palladino | PDFPDF

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