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journal of court innovation

  Winter 2010  
  The Role of the Environmental Judiciary

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A Word from the Executive Editors
By Juanita Bing Newton and Michelle S. Simon | PDF PDF

Issue Editor’s Note: The Role of the Environmental Judiciary
By Christopher Riti | PDF PDF

An Institute for Enhancing Effective Environmental Adjudication
By Sheila Abed de Zavala, Antonio Herman Benjamin, Hilario G. Davide Jr., Alexandra Dunn, Parvez Hassan, Donald W. Kaniaru, Richard Macrory,
Brian John Preston, Nicholas A. Robinson, and Merideth Wright | PDF PDF

Increase in Environmental Courts and Tribunals
Prompts New Global Institute

By George Pring and Catherine Pring | PDF PDF

Survey of Environmental Tribunals and Regulatory Schemes
The Austrian Environmental Senate
By Verena Madner| PDF PDF

Environmental Courts and the Development of Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China
By Alex L. Wang and Jie Gao | PDF PDF

Environmental Law and Administrative Courts in Finland
By Justice Erkki J. Hollo, Justice Pekka Vihervuori,
and Justice Kari Kuusiniemi | PDF PDF

Environmental Courts and Tribunals in England and Wales—
A Tentative New Dawn

By Richard Macrory | PDF PDF

On the Quest for Green Courts in India
By Bharat H. Desai and Balraj Sidhu | PDF PDF"

The Role of Courts in Environmental Law—Nordic Perspectives
By Helle Tegner Anker and Annika Nilsson | PDF PDF

Green Courts Initiative in the Philippines
By Hon. Hilario G. Davide Jr. and Sara Vinson | PDF PDF

The Judiciary and Environmental Governance in Singapore
By Lye Lin Heng | PDF PDF

Some Brief Observations on Fifteen Years of Environmental Rights
in South Africa
By Louis J. Kotzé and Anél du Plessis | PDF PDF

Experiences of Sweden’s Environmental Courts
By Ulf Bjällås | PDF PDF

The United States’ Environmental Adjudication Tribunal
By Anna L. Wolgast, Kathie A. Stein, and Timothy R. Epp | PDF PDF

The Vermont Environmental Court Judge
By Merideth Wright | PDF PDF

Setting the Standard for New Models of Adjudication
The Case for an International Court for the Environment
By Stephen Hockman QC | PDF PDF

American Indian Tribal Courts as Models for Incorporating Customary Law
By Elizabeth A. Kronk | PDF PDF

A Judge’s Perspective on Using Sentencing Databases
By Hon. Justice Brian John Preston | PDF PDF

New Method With Experts—Concurrent Evidence
By Hon. Justice Peter McClellan | PDF PDF

History of Environmental Courts and UNEP’s Role
By Lal Kurukulasuriya and Kristen Powell | PDF PDF

Asian Judges, Green Courts, and Access to Environmental Justice:
An Asian Judges Network on the Environment

By Kala Mulqueeny, Sherielysse Bonifacio and Jacqueline Esperilla | PDF PDF

Educating Judges About Environmental Law By John Pendergrass | PDF PDF

Emerging Theories in Environmental Law
On the Comparison of Environmental Law
By Jan Darpo and Annika Nilsson | PDF PDF

Sustainability and the Courts: A Journey Yet to Begin?
By Klaus Bosselmann | PDF PDF

Dr. Parvez Hassan: Pakistani Environmental Laws
By Hannah Cochrane | PDF PDF

Professor Bharat H. Desai: India’s National Green Tribunal
By Sara Vinson | PDF PDF

Lalanath de Silva: Sri Lanka Environmental Laws By Sara Vinson | PDF PDF

Book Review
Environmental Governance in Kenya: Implementing the Framework Law
by Charles O. Okidi, Patricia Kameri-Mbote and Migai Akech, Eds.

By Hannah Cochrane | PDF PDF

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