Ways to Settle Your Case (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

There are ways to settle your case without a trial or a decision by a judge. You and the other side can talk to each other and make a Settlement on your own with or without the court’s help. You can also work with a person who is not involved in the case to help you and the other side resolve your dispute. This is called “Alternative Dispute Resolution” or “ADR.”

There are many kinds of ADR, including mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, collaborative law, or settlement conferencing with court staff.

In some courts, in some counties, your case will be directed to ADR early in the court process. This is sometimes called “presumptive ADR.” In ADR, a person not involved in the case works to help you and the other side come to an agreement. You can consider different settlement options other than ones a judge might order. Types of ADR, like mediation, are less strict and stressful than the Basic Steps in a Court Case. It can save you money and time. It can lead to an outcome that you are happier with.

Learn more about ADR from the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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