Guardians Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is someone the Judge assigns to help a person who cannot come to court or protect their rights and interests for a single case. A GAL can be appointed in cases involving children or incapacitated persons.

GALs are only responsible for helping a person resolve their court case. This means that they will go to court dates and coordinate with agencies and organization to get the person services. They do not have any legal power to manage a person's personal affairs.

A GAL is an officer of the court and reports to the court what he or she is doing in the case. The Judge might ask the GAL for a recommendation and what he or she think is best for the person. Most GALs are lawyers and have a duty to the person they are assigned to and to the court. Even if there is a GAL appointed to the case, a lawyer can also be hired.

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