Emancipated Child

In New York State, a parent must financially support a child until the child turns 21 years old or becomes emancipated.

When a child is emancipated, it means that the child no longer lives with the parents and is self-supporting.

If the child is financially dependent on a parent, that child is not emancipated. A child who was once emancipated can become dependent again on the parents before turning 21 years of age.

In general, a child under 21 is emancipated if:

  • The child is married.
  • The child is in the military.
  • The child finished 4 years of college.
  • The child is 18 years old and working full-time (summer or vacation jobs don't count).
  • The child permanently leaves home and ended the relationship with both parents for no good reason (except if the child left home because of abuse by a parent or a similar reason).

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