New York State Courts’ Policy on ICE Arrests in Courthouses

The New York State Courts’ official policy says that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents can only come into courthouses to take a person into custody if they have a warrant signed by a judge. ICE agents must also tell the court officers who they are and why they are there when they enter a courthouse.

This policy doesn’t prevent ICE from waiting for someone outside the courthouse before or after a court appearance.

This policy also applies to other law enforcement agencies besides ICE.

Government Policy

The federal government’s official policy says that ICE agents will only target courthouses for certain people, like:

  • Convicted criminals
  • Gang members
  • Public safety threats
  • People who have been previously deported
  • People who have been ordered to leave

The policy says that family, friends and witnesses won’t be picked up for deportation, except in special cases.

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