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Suffolk County Judicial Diversion Program

Presiding Judge
Hon. Philip Goglas

The Judicial Diversion Program offers you the chance to move forward in your life, free of drugs and alcohol.

What is The Judicial Diversion Program?

The Judicial Diversion Program (JDP) (CPL Article 216) takes place in courtrooms of the Suffolk County Court. JDP is a program for felony offenders who face non-violent charges, and who also abuse alcohol and/or drugs. Instead of jail or probation, JDP will help you enter and stay in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The JDP includes regular court appearances and supervision by a judge.

After arraignment, as an eligible defendant, you are given the opportunity to choose the Judicial Diversion Program as an alternative to the regular court process. If you abuse alcohol and/or drugs and are eligible for the program, your Case Manager will work with you to build a treatment plan. While you are in treatment, the Judge will closely monitor your progress.