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Justice Robert L. Nahman
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Office Ph.: (718) 298-1114
Courtroom Ph.: (718) 298-1126

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General Rules

No telephone inquiries concerning motions or applications may be made to chambers.

All such inquiries must be made to the Motion Support Office (718-298-1009), the Ex Parte Office (718-298-1018) or the Clerk of Part 16 (718-298-1126).

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Preliminary Conference

A preliminary conference shall be scheduled (1) automatically by the court within 45 days after filing a Request for Judicial Intervention, pursuant to 22 NYCRR 202.12(b), or upon filing a written Request for a Preliminary Conference with the Clerk's Office, Room 140, in compliance with 22 NYCRR 202.12(a) or an appropriate notice is filed in malpractice or certiorari cases pursuant to 22 NYCRR 202.56 and 202.60.

All preliminary conferences shall be held on WEDNESDAYS at 11:30 a.m. at the Preliminary Conference Part, Room 314, of the courthouse, and are presided over by the court-appointed referee, unless otherwise directed by the court. Failure to appear at the scheduled preliminary
conference may result in discovery being ordered ex-parte or any other appropriate sanction including preclusion or dismissal.

Paragraph 10 of the proposed preliminary conference order must be amended by the parties to include the following language at the end of the sentence: ", only if all discovery is complete."

Any inquiry pertaining to a preliminary conference shall be made to the Preliminary Conference Part at 718-298-1046

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Compliance Conference

Compliance conferences shall be held on the date scheduled in the Preliminary Conference Stipulation and Order. Compliance conferences shall be held before Justice Martin Ritholtz in Room 313.

Any inquiry pertaining to a conferences conference shall be made to the Compliance Conference Part at 718-298-1093.

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Motions noticed after October 1, 2012 are subject to the Centralized Motion Part Rules located at

Motions, other than motions for discovery, that have been marked submitted in the Centralized Motion Part will be set down for oral argument by a separate decision of the Justice presiding in Part 16.

The calendar for motions set down for oral argument shall be called every Wednesday at 9:30am. A second calendar call will follow at 10:30am.

Mandatory appearance is required by counsel with knowledge of the case and with full authority to settle or enter into binding stipulations on the date of oral argument.

Motions will be conferenced and/or orally argued at the discretion of the Court.

Do not call Chambers for adjournments.

Oral argument may be adjourned once on consent provided a written stipulation of counsel is submitted to the Court prior to the date of oral argument. All stipulations must contain the signature of the attorney consenting to the adjournment. A form which contains only the name of the firm on the stipulation will not be accepted. Stipulations may be submitted by calendar service or non-attorneys.

If consent for an adjournment cannot be obtained, an applications must be made to Presiding Justice by counsel on the date set for oral argument.

The Court will not consider papers sent to Chambers or the Part after oral argument.

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Motion Papers and Ex-Parte Applications

All motions and ex-parte applications submitted shall be in compliance with Uniform Rule §202.5. In addition to these requirements, all pages and paragraphs must be numbered. All exhibits are to be proceeded by a numbered exhibit tab which protrudes from the stack of papers. All submissions are to be securely fastened so as to prevent the papers from being lost.


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Infant’s Compromise Orders

Before submission of an infant’s compromise order, counsel shall obtain from the Clerk of Part 16 an infant’s compromise checklist to ensure the submission of all necessary information and documentation. Infant’s compromise orders sent to chambers without the required worksheet will be returned to counsel.

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