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Brooklyn Driving While Intoxicated Treatment Court (BDWI)

The BDWI Treatment Court was established to give alcohol and/or other substance abusing defendants charged with felony DWI an opportunity to participate in court supervised treatment. Successful completion of the BDWI Court results in a reduction of criminal justice penalties. Through early intervention, immediate placement in specially designed DWI treatment programs and close supervision, the Court is committed to eliminating incidents of impaired driving by our participants.

All BDWI Court participants are required to wear a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) bracelet for the first 90 days of their treatment mandate. The SCRAM device uses transdermal alcohol monitoring technology to detect and measure the presence of alcohol. Based on compliance, the Court may require the SCRAM bracelet be worn for an additional length of time beyond the initial 90 days. The Judge has the discretion to have the SCRAM device reinstalled at any time during the participant’s BDWI Court participation based upon compliance. Participants are responsible for the daily monitoring fee and are expected to pay weekly.

BDWI Court participants are required to report to the BDWI Court Treatment Center once per week for the information on the SCRAM bracelet to be analyzed. Failure to appear for scheduled appointments may result in a Court imposed sanction. Participants are prohibited from tampering with the device or attempting to interfere with its functioning. Confirmed attempts to do so will result in a Court imposed jail sanction.

During Phase III of the BDWI court mandate participants are expected attend:

Victim Impact Panel - The Victim Impact Panel is a one time, two-hour commitment, whereby family members of DWI victims share their experiences of losing a loved one as a result of someone driving under the influence of alcohol. Participants are expected to submit a written essay about their experience to the Court.

Upon completion of the BDWI Court mandate, all participants are required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in any car OWNED OR OPERATED by the participant.