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Hon. Sylvia G. Ash

Part Rules

Commercial 11 / Part 71
Principal Law Clerk: Hajin Suh, Esq.
Assistant Law Clerk: Joam Alisme, Esq.
Part Clerk: Patricia Brown
Chambers: 347-401-9540
Courtroom: 347-296-1587
Fax: TBA



All motions are heard on Wednesday mornings. All conferences are generally held on Thursday mornings. However, if there is a motion AND conference scheduled together, both can occur on Wednesdays.




First call: 10:00 a.m.

Second call: 11:00 a.m.

Ready cases are called in the order in which they are marked ready and oral argument is required on all ready cases. Parties are encouraged to work out discovery motions in a short form order. On all other motions, all parties must be present and ready for argument. Motions will be marked off if the movant fails to appear. If the non-moving party does not appear, the motion may be granted on default, a copy of the signed short form order must be served on the non-moving parties by certified mail and all parties are bound by the terms of the order.

Courtesy copies of all motion papers (exhibits must be tabbed) and proposed orders shall be submitted in all E-filed cases at least two business days before the motion is to be heard.


Calendar call is at 10:00 a.m. Cases are called in the order that they are marked ready.   



Motions may be adjourned twice via stipulation. Stipulations may be emailed to If the matter has been on the calendar more than two times, an appearance is required to request an adjournment.

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