6th Judicial District: Broome County

The Ceremony to Rededicate the Main Courtroom, Broome County Courthouse

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Broome County Courthouse, Second Floor`
Court Street, Binghamton
Thursday, June 12, 2003

Presented by Broome County and the Broome County Courts,
Sixth Judicial District

The Main Courtroom of the historic Broome County Courthouse has undergone a complete restoration for the first time since the dedication of the Courthouse on November 12, 1898.

Over the years, the courtroom suffered from numerous degradations, rendering this facility, designed to showcase the talents of architect Isaac Perry and the pride of Broome County in its governmental institutions, a mere shadow of its original dignity and splendor.

Through the commitment and perseverance of Broome County and the Broome County Courts - Sixth Judicial District, NYS Unified Court System, the Main Courtroom has been accurately restored as closely as possible to its original beauty and stature, to serve as the seat of justice for generations to come.


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