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Erie Supreme and County Court Chief Clerk

Chief Clerk's Office

25 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-845-9301
Fax: 716-851-3293

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Chief Clerk of Erie Supreme
and County Courts

Ellis W. Bozzolo
Phone: 716-845-9301

Deputy Chief Clerk
Kevin M. Kelley
Phone: 716-845-9310

Associate Court Clerk
Billie Jo Zakia
Phone: 716-845-9304

Senior Court Analyst
Robert Pazik
Phone: 716-845-9307

Sr. Administrative Services Clerk
Kim Stamer
Phone: 716-845-9308


Support Staff

Mary Jo Gang
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9318

Catherine Hagner
IDV Court
Phone: 716-845-2176

Christine Kibler
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9319

Kathleen Mulqueen
Assigned to Expedited Matrimonials and
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9343

JoAnne Pritchard
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9309

Tara Rozak
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9315

Mary Roseman
Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9305


Court Clerks

Robert Adamski
Assigned to Judge Burns
Part 19
Phone: 716-845-9406

Joan Aquila
Assigned to Judge Siwek
Part 29
Phone: 716-845-9421

Madonna Barber
Assigned to Judge DiTullio
Part 17
Phone: 716-845-9403

Michele Carter
Assigned to Judge Curran
Part 3
Phone: 716-845-9430

Judy Conners
Assigned to Judge Drury
Part 8
Phone: 716-845-9405

Mary Lou Enser
Assigned to Judge Michalek
Part 26
Phone: 716-845-9416

John Garbo
Assigned to Judge Walker
Part 20
Phone: 716-845-9415

Laura Haas
Assigned to Judge NeMoyer
Part 34
Phone: 716-845-9429

Wendy Haseley
Assigned to Judge Glownia
Part 6
Phone: 716-845-9418

Judith Insalaco
Assigned to Judge D'Amico
Part 7
Phone: 716-845-9401

James Kasprzak
Assigned to Judge O'Donnell
Part 21
Phone: 716-845-9411

Kimberly King
Assigned to Judge Franczyk
Part 20
Phone: 716-845-2180

Sally Lemley
Part 2
Phone: 716-845-9413

Elizabeth Manning
Assigned to Judge Case
Phone: 716-845-9425

Janet Marchinda
Assigned to Expedited Matrimonials
Phone: 716-845-2727

Peggy McMahon
Assigned to Judge Moriarty
Part 15
Phone: 716-845-9409

Elaine Minton
Assigned to Judge Haendiges (IDV)
Part 9
Phone: 716-845-2176

Susan Monan
Assigned to Judge James Dillon
Part 4
Phone: 716-845-9417

Kevin O’Connor
Assigned to Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9301

Amy Oliver
Assigned to Chief Clerk's Office
Phone: 716-845-9301

Chris Ryder Pyzynski
Assigned to Judge Boller
Part 13
Phone: 716-845-9410

Mollie Redmond
Assigned to Judge Troutman
Part 11
Phone: 716-845-9404

Laurie Rodgers
Assigned to Judge Michalski
Part 18
Phone: 716-845-9322

Brigitte Roestel
Assigned to Judge Townsend
Part 24
Phone: 716-845-9419

Melanie Ruszaj
Assigned to Judge Haendiges (IDV)
Part 9
Phone: 716-845-2176

Susan Shaw
Assigned to Judge Pietruszka
Part 12
Phone: 716-845-9402

Diane Smith
Assigned to Judge Buscaglia
Part 14
Phone: 716-845-9408

Erika Trueheart
Assigned to Judge Bannister
Part 31
Phone: 716-845-2759

Deborah Wagner
Assigned to Judge Devlin
Part 32
Phone: 716-845-9420

Carol Williams
Assigned to Judge Marshall
Part 5
Phone: 716-845-9422

Elaine Xenos
Assigned to Judge Nowak
Part 28
Phone: 716-845-9433

Lynn Zagst
Assigned to Judge Wolfgang
Part 16
Phone: 716-845-9412