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Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland & Westchester Counties

City Court Fees

Fees must be paid by Cash, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa, Certified Check, Money Order or Bank Check made payable to:
City Court of (fill in name of Court).

Personal checks are not accepted.

Small Claims / Commercial claims
Filing a small claim <=$1,000

Filing a small claim >$1,000

Filing a commercial claim $25.00 plus 5.58 postage per defendant
Postage (electronic return receipt)

$5.58 postage includes: .465 First Class mail,
.465 First Class mail, 3.30 Certified Mail and
1.35 Electronic Return Receipt
$  5.58 per defendant (effective 4/10/16)
File a counterclaim $  5.00 plus .47 postage per defendant
Filing first paper, etc. $45.00
Satisfaction of judgment, etc. $  6.00
Demand for jury trial $70.00
Exemplification $15.00
Certifying a paper $  6.00
Filing notice of trial $40.00
Information Subpoena $  3.00
Trial De Novo $75.00
Transcript of Judgment $  6.00
Consumer Credit Transaction $95.00 (+ $45.00 Filing Fee)
Notice of Appeal $30.00

9th Judicial District

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