Supreme Court of the State of New York
Hon. Dianne T. Renwick, Presiding Justice
Susanna Molina Rojas, Clerk of the Court

Filing and Service By Electronic Means (E-filing)

In the Appellate Division, First Department, electronic filing (e-filing) through the New York State Courts Electronic Filing (NYSCEF) system commenced in March 2018 with appeals in commercial matters. Mandatory e-filing was expanded in July 2019 to all malpractice matters, in January 2020 to include all case types e-filed in the Supreme Court and contested matrimonial matters, and in June 2020 to all civil matters originating in the Supreme Court.

In July 2020, the Court expanded e-filing matters originating in Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Family Court, Surrogate’s Court and Court of Claims. In April 2024, e-filing became available for all original proceedings. With the latest expansion, e-filing is now mandatory in all matters before the First Department, except attorney matters.

Mandatory e-filing requires all documents, as defined in 22 NYCRR 1245.1(d), to be e-filed.

Under the Electronic Filing Rules of the Appellate Division (22 NYCRR § 1245.4), self-represented litigants and attorney without necessary equipment or requisite knowledge are exempt from e-filing. Self-represented litigants may voluntarily participate in e-filing.

Hard Copies

Hard copy submissions are NOT required in e-filed matters. However, the Court reserves the right to request hard copies.

Online Training

Free online training for attorneys and self-represented litigants is provided by the New York State Courts E-filing Resource Center.  Pre-registration is required.

Formatting Specifications

General: In addition to the general formatting requirements set forth in Attachment A to the Electronic Filing Rules of the Appellate Division, all e-filed documents filed in the First Department shall comply with the formatting specifications set forth in the Court’s technical guideline for e-filed documents.

Motion Formatting: Motion papers shall be filed as one PDF, which shall contain bookmarks linking to each supporting document/exhibit. A brief description of the bookmarked document should be included. For example – “Exhibit A – Notice of Appeal.”

Forms: Fillable Appellate Division e-filing forms.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ) – The FAQ contains the answers to frequently asked questions about e-filing in the First Department.