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Appellate Division - Second Judicial Department

Independent Judicial Election
Qualification Commissions
for the Second Judicial Department

The Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions (IJEQC) form a statewide network of independent screening panels for judicial candidates. The voluntary statewide screening process for evaluating judicial candidates was established in 2007 by the New York State Unified Court System.

Under Part 150 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts, a Commission in each judicial district "shall review the qualifications of candidates for public election to the Supreme Court, County Court, Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, New York City Civil Court, District Courts and City Courts" within its district. Each Commission has 15 members, named by the Chief Judge, the Presiding Justices, the New York State Bar Association, and local bar associations. Four commissions have been established to review the qualifications of candidates for judicial office within the Second Judicial Department, one each for the Second, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Judicial Districts. (See List of Commission Members). An additional commission will soon be established for the new Thirteenth Judicial District covering Richmond County.

Appendix A to Part 150 sets forth the guidelines and procedures for the Commissions, including an overview of the information to be provided by each candidate.

Candidate Questionnaire
Candidates who wish to have their qualifications reviewed by a commission in the Second Judicial Department must submit an original and 15 copies of the completed Questionnaire.  An Addendum Page is provided for answers that require additional space. (If you use more than one page, please number them, accordingly.) In addition, all candidates must submit, as a separate document, one original release (no copies required) for information from the Grievance CommitteesAll sitting and former judges must also submit, as a separate document, an original release (no copies required) for the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Please submit to:

Vivian Dearie, Director
335 Adams Street, Suite 2404
Brooklyn, NY 11201

(see Instructions). The Questionnaire requires the candidate to identify the judicial vacancy sought (2014 Public Notice and Vacancy List).

Candidates who wish to have a Commission issue a rating must submit their Questionnaire to the Commission by June 27, 2014.

Upon receipt of a completed Questionnaire, an investigation of the candidate’s qualifications and background will begin. After completion of the background investigation, the commission will schedule an interview. Subsequent to the interview, the commission will vote to determine whether the candidate is qualified for election to the office he or she seeks. At the conclusion of the process, the commissions will publish an alphabetical listing of candidates found qualified and of those found not qualified as required by § 150.5(e) of the rules of the Chief Administrative Judge (22 NYCRR 150.5[e]).

The Commissions are not intended to supplant or interfere with the work being conducted by bar association screening panels. Instead, they provide an independent assessment from a neutral body sponsored by the judiciary.

Candidates should carefully review the rules for answers to any questions they might have. If further information is required, candidates may contact Vivian McCallum, Director of the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions in the Second Judicial Department, at either 347-401-9248 or vdearie@nycourts.gov

Mandatory Campaign Ethics Training
Candidates should also be aware of the Mandatory Campaign Ethics Training Program. Incumbent and non-incumbent candidates for elective judicial office must complete a two-hour campaign ethics training program. Please call 212-428-2526 to register for training. For more information on judicial campaign ethics matters, please visit the Judicial Ethics Campaign Center Website or call the Center directly at 1-888-600-5232.

How Long Do the Ratings Remain in Effect?
“Any candidate found qualified for election to a judicial office shall be deemed qualified for that judicial office for three years in the absence of any new information that may have a negative effect on his or her qualifications and background.” 22 NYCRR 150 App. A §3(B).

Any candidate not found qualified for election to judicial office shall be deemed not to be qualified for that judicial office for one year from the date of submission of the candidate's application to the commission.

Thus, if a candidate is not listed as qualified for the current year, you may need to check the lists for up to two prior years to determine whether the candidate has been rated.

2014 List of Rated Candidates

2013 List of Rated Candidates

2012 List of Rated Candidates






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