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In-house Counsel Registration

Part 522 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals (22 NYCRR Part 522) permits the Appellate Division to register as attorneys admitted in certain jurisdictions within the United States and members of a recognized legal professions in foreign non-United States jurisdictions to act as inhouse counsel for a New York organization without satisfying traditional admission requirements.

Attorneys seeking to register as in-house counsel should refer to the Rules of the Court of Appeals [22NYCRR Part 522]. The application form (and instructions) for registration pursuant to Part 522 is uniform among the four Appellate Division Departments in New York State. An attorney may apply for registration to the Department in which he or she resides, works or plans to work. An applicant for registration in the Second Judicial Department should submit the completed application package, including all required documents, in digital (pdf) format, by email, to . Make sure you preserve the original application as the Court reserves the right to request the production of the original.

Currently, no fees are assessed for application or registration as in-house counsel in New York State.