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Orientation to the Profession Program

Instructions for Completing the Orientation Program

Carefully read and follow all instructions below before viewing the Orientation program video. Failure to do so may cause delays in the admission process.

1. Eligibility: Only candidates for admission to practice by the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department (hereafter “candidates”) who have taken the New York State (NYS) bar examination, including those transferred from another Judicial Department, or candidates who have a pending application before the Appellate Division to be admitted on motion, are eligible to access the Orientation to the Profession video and earn Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Candidates who have taken the bar examination need not wait until their application for admission is filed before viewing the Orientation video.

2. User Name and Password: Access to the video requires a user name and password. Any candidate who has taken the NYS bar exam, except for those candidates whose certification has been transferred from another judicial department, will receive a user name and password via a Notice sent to the e-mail address previously provided by such candidate to the NYS Board of Law Examiners. The Notice will be e-mailed within approximately 10 business days after such candidate has taken the bar exam. All such candidates who pass the exam will be e-mailed a second Notice within approximately 10 business days after the date the results of that exam are publicly released. Any candidate who has not taken the NYS bar exam, or who has transferred from another judicial department, or any candidate who has misplaced a previously provided user name and password, must obtain a user name and password by sending a request by e-mail to the Office of the Committees on Character & Fitness (CCF) at and placing the following characters only in the subject line of the email (in uppercase): AD2OPPLOGIN

3. Embedded Codes: Upon receipt of the user name and password, the program video may be accessed by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. The program is presented in multiple parts, and candidates must watch the video in its entirety, being careful to obtain the codes embedded in, and disclosed during, the course of the presentations. Candidates must ensure that each code is recorded for the purpose of reporting them on the Orientation Program Certificate of Completion, discussed in detail below, which must be submitted as part of the application for admission.

4. Written Program Materials:All candidates are responsible for obtaining the Program Materials and Slide-Show Notes. Candidates with questions related to the content of the written program materials and/or the video presentations may submit them by e-mail to the Office of the Committees on Character and Fitness at

5. Submitting Proof of Completion: Candidates who complete the Orientation program must complete and sign the Certificate of Completion Form and submit the form as part of their application for admission package. The Certificate of Completion should NOT be submitted prior to the filing of an application for admission. Candidates who complete the Orientation program after the initial filing of their application may separately submit the Certificate of Completion to the CCF office upon completion.

6. CLE Certificate of Attendance: Candidates who submit a satisfactory Certificate of Completion will be provided a CLE Certificate of Attendance by the CCF office. The CLE Certificate serves as proof of the three CLE credits earned by viewing the program and should be retained for purposes of CLE compliance. Any candidate who has completed the Orientation program, but has not submitted an application for admission, may obtain a CLE Certificate by submitting a written request to the CCF office, together with a duly signed Certificate of Completion. Please allow 60 days for delivery.

7. Program Evaluation Form: All candidates who view the program are asked to complete and submit the Program Evaluation Form. The completed form should be sent by email or fax to the Committees on Character and Fitness at the fax number or e-mail address set forth on the form.

8. Waivers: The Presiding Justice or his or her designee may grant waivers or modifications of the Orientation to the Profession requirement in individual cases involving "undue hardship or extenuating circumstances" (22 NYCRR 690.21[c]). Requests for waivers may be made in writing and submitted by regular mail to the Committees on Character and Fitness, 335 Adams Street, Suite 2404, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Applicants are cautioned that waivers are granted only in exceptional circumstances.

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