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Our Document Delivery service regularly sends documents to attorneys, researchers and litigants from across all of New York State and beyond. We've also filled requests from a number of foreign countries.

Document Delivery Service

Get records & briefs and other documents delivered to your inbox

Our Document Delivery service seeks to provide you with the library materials and court records you need, regardless of your location. We routinely fulfill requests from across New York State and beyond. If you need copies of records & briefs, bill jackets, or other library materials, our Document Delivery service can help in a way that is convenient and timely.

Most requested materials can be sent to you via email. Our expert staff will scan the documents (if necessary) from their original print/microform format and convert them to pdfs; deliverable as email attachments.

We are also happy to work with you to help identify the specific information you need, which minimizes delivery costs and turnaround time. For example, if you are seeking documents from a record on appeal, but are uncertain which ones you may need, we can send a copy of the table of contents to help you decide.

Ready to get started? Email our Document Delivery office at or by phone at 585-530-3251.

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