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Court Helps Attract and Retain Business

The Commercial Division has made the business litigation process in New York more cost effective, predictable and expeditious, and has thereby provided a more hospitable and attractive environment for business litigation in New York State. A new report by the Commercial Division Advisory Council discusses the benefits of the Commercial Division to the State of New York, which include helping to attract and retain businesses and therefore generating tax revenues and providing jobs. 

July 18, 2019


Judicial Reassignments

At the end of 2018, two long-serving Justices of the Commercial Division retired: Hon. Eileen Bransten, Commercial Division Part 3, and Hon. Charles E. Ramos, Commercial Division Part 53.  Reassignments occasioned by these retirements

January 22, 2019


New York County

In implementation of an Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge dated October 23, 2017 (AO/203/17), and pursuant to an Administrative Order of the Administrative Judge of Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, a pilot program has been established in the Commercial Division of the court for the maintenance of a Large Complex Case List. A case may be designated to the List by a Division Justice if the Justice finds that a case meets the criteria for designation set out in the Order first identified herein. Applications shall be made to the Division Justice assigned in accordance with the Justice's directives.

August 16, 2018



The Alternative Dispute Resolution Program of the Commercial Division, Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, is seeking mediators interested in joining its Roster of Neutrals. Mediators must have 10 years of experience in commercial law. Training in mediation is also required (see Part 146 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge). Mediators must have experience in mediation during the two years prior to joining the Roster, which may consist of service as a mediator elsewhere in three matters or observation of three mediations. The Program may assist otherwise-qualified mediators who seek to observe mediations to obtain opportunities to do so.

Mediators on the Roster are expected to handle at least three matters per year. Cases eligible for mediation in the Program are Commercial Division cases and commercial cases filed in the court but pending outside the Division, which may involve sums in controversy below $ 500,000.

For information about the Program and its procedures, please consult the "Alternative Dispute Resolution" link on the New York County home page of the Commercial Division website (

To apply to join the Roster, please submit a letter of interest and an Application Form, which is accessible at the link listed above, to the following:

Ms. Donna Corry
Supreme Court, Civil Branch
New York County
60 Centre Street, Room 148
New York, NY 10007

May 2, 2018



After many years of judicial service, the Honorable Shirley W. Kornreich, Commercial Division Part 54, will retire from the bench in May 2018.  Justice Kornreich will be succeeded as the Justice assigned to Commercial Division Part 54 by the Honorable Jennifer G. Schecter.  Justice Schecter has been assigned to IAS General Assignment Part 57.  

Justice Andrew Borrok has joined the court.  He will take over much of the inventory of Justice Schecter's former Part 57.

The inventory of Part 54 is in the process of being transferred to Justice Schecter.  Some of the pre-note cases that had been assigned to Justice Schecter in Part 57 are being transferred to Justice Margaret Chan in Part 33.  The balance of the pre-note inventory of Part 57 (except for certain structured settlement cases, which will remain assigned to Justice Schecter) is being reassigned to Justice Borrok.  Various post-note cases from Part 57 will remain in Justice Schecter's name until they are scheduled for regular settlement conferences.  If a motion is pending or is filed hereafter in a post-note case that had been assigned to Part 57, the matter will be reassigned to the appropriate Justice.

It is anticipated that the reassignments of these cases will be completed by early June 2018.  E-mail notifications of various reassignments have been sent to counsel through the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System.  Further, see information about E-Track below.

Commercial Division Part 54 will remain in Courtroom 228 at 60 Centre Street after this reassignment.  The telephone number of the Part will be unchanged (at 646-386-3362).  Justice Schecter has moved to new Chambers (Room 626 at 60 Centre Street, phone: 646-386-4048).

The Courtroom for Part 57 will remain as it was (Room 623 at 111 Centre Street), and the phone number of the Part will remain unchanged (646-386-3657). Justice Borrok's Chambers will be in Room 326 at 111 Centre Street (646-386-4203).

Dates previously scheduled for conferences or other appearances in cases that were assigned to Commercial Division Part 54 or Part 57 and that are due to take place after the reassignments described herein will remain in effect unless otherwise directed by Justices Schecter, Borrok, or Chan.  Motions in cases that have been assigned to Parts 54 and 57 and that are currently pending in the General Clerk's Office's Motion Submission Courtroom (Room 130) will be submitted to Justice Schecter, Justice Borrok, or Justice Chan in accordance with the new inventory assignments.  For additional information about the status of any individual case, see the Supreme Court Records Online Library ("Scroll") (accessible on the website of this court at

Counsel are also encouraged to sign up for the court system's E-Track case-tracking service, which allows them to list with the service some or all of the firm's cases that are pending in the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County, and in other counties as well.  E-Track will send e-mail notifications regarding all court developments in listed cases, including reassignment of cases and rescheduling of appearances in those cases.  E-Track can also provide appearance reminders.  To sign up for E-Track, counsel should go to the following address:

There is no charge for the E-Track service.

April 26, 2018
Updated: May 23, 2018


Statewide - October 2017

Amendments of Commercial Division Practice Rules 10 & 11 to Address Alternative Dispute Resolution

October 11, 2017, effective January 1, 2018


New York County - June 2015

On June 18, 2015, a program about the Commercial Division, its past and its future, was presented at the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County.  An overview of the Division and its work statewide was given by Honorable Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York, and Honorable A. Gail Prudenti, Chief Administrative Judge of the State of New York, offered an analysis of the Division's future.  The program was supported by the Partnership for New York City, the President of which, Kathryn S. Wylde, gave welcoming remarks.  Perspectives on the Division from the business community were provided by Gregory K. Palm, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and David G. Ellen, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Cablevision Systems Corp.  Robert L. Haig, Esq., Chair of the Commercial Division Advisory Council, described new rules and procedures introduced to the Commercial Division recently upon the recommendation of the Council.

A similar meeting was held in Albany in May 2015 hosted by The Business Council of New York State, Inc.

Booklet about the Commercial Division that was distributed at the June program


Statewide - July 2014

The Chief Administrative Judge, with the advice and consent of the Administrative Board, issued an Administrative Order dated July 1, 2014.  This Order makes modifications to Uniform Rule 202.70 (d) and (e), effective September 2, 2014.  Within 90 days after service of the complaint, any party may file a Request for Judicial Intervention with Commercial Division RJI Addendum seeking assignment of a case to the Commercial Division.  Failure to file as provided will preclude a party from seeking assignment of the case to the Division, with some exceptions, which are set forth in subdivision (e). The modified rule applies only to cases filed on or after the effective date. 

New York County - September-October 2013

The Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts issued an Administrative Order (AO 224/13), dated September 16, 2013, that designated Part 53 (Hon. Charles E. Ramos) in the Commercial Division in New York County to handle all international commercial arbitration cases before the New York County Commercial Division. The Administrative Judge for Civil Matters of the First Judicial District, Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler, issued an Administrative Order, dated October 3, 2013, that implements Judge Prudenti’s Order.

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