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Representing Yourself

You have a right to represent yourself in all court cases. People who represent themselves in court are called “Pro Se” or “Self-Represented” litigants. Pro Se is a Latin phrase that means “for yourself.”

Representing yourself in a legal proceeding is not an easy decision. Before you decide to represent yourself, ask yourself whether it wouldn’t be better use of your time and money to consult with or hire an attorney who knows the law and can give you advice about what to do, how to do it, and what your chances are of getting what you want.

Court staff can provide valuable information to you. But, there are limitations on what information can be given. The court can’t give you legal advice, so you may be interested in Finding Legal Assistance. Use the helpful links on this website to learn more about representing yourself.

Please note: A corporation must appear by an attorney (CPLR 321), which means an attorney must commence or answer a case, and handle all aspects of a case when the party is a corporation.




























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