NYC Drug Treatment Courts
Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC)

Welcome to QMTC


Welcome to Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC). Since QMTC began operations in January, 2002, over 8000 individuals have been screened. Of these, nearly 1000 have successfully completed the program and more than half of those who have taken pleas this year remain in treatment.

Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC)

QMTC remains committed to helping eligible defendants break the cycle of addiction by referring to appropriate treatment and providing positive alternatives to drug use. This website is updated periodically. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. Thank you for visiting the QMTC's website.

Naima Aiken
Project Director II



125-01 Queens Blvd
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Phone: 718.298.0914
Fax: 212.419.8443

What is QMTC

QMTC is a special courtroom in the Queens Criminal Court. It is a program for first time non-felony offenders arrested in Queens, who face non-felony drug charges and who also abuse drugs. Instead of jail or probation, QMTC will help you enter and stay in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The QMTC program includes regular court appearances and supervision by the QMTC judge.

The amount of time you spend in QMTC will depend on the crime you were originally charged with, your criminal history, your plea and your individual progress in treatment. Most people will spend anywhere from one to two years in the QMTC program.