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Small Claims Arbitration


The Small Claims Part of the NYC Civil Court relies on the invaluable service of volunteer arbitrators to help dispose of its tremendous Small Claims dockets. With the consent of the parties, volunteer arbitrators hear and decide small-claims disputes. Where available, parties can choose to have their case heard by an arbitrator at their first court appearance rather than waiting for a judge or another court date for trial. The arbitrator's decision is final and not appealable.

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Volunteering as an Arbitrator:

Minimum Requirements: To serve as a small claims arbitrator, you must be an attorney, in "good standing", duly admitted to the New York State Bar for at least five years (two years for NYS Unified Court System, NYS Attorney General, and NYC Law Department employed attorneys) and have completed the training provided by the Small Claims Arbitrators Association. Volunteer arbitrators are required to complete at least two hours of anti-bias training every two years, pursuant to Administrative Order 124/22

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Small Claims Arbitrators Association (SCAA):

Training, service, and scheduling is coordinated in cooperation with the SCAA. Additional information can be found by clicking on the link below and joining the SCAA Website:
Small Claims Arbitrators Association | New York City
Small Claims Arbitration is considered an Alternative Dispute Resolution process. For additional information regarding ADR in New York City Civil Court please contact the NYC Civil Court ADR office at [email protected].

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