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  October 20th, 2011    
  No. 209 People v Raymond Clyde Webcast  
  No. 210 People v Geraldo Cruz Webcast  
  No. 211 People v Sherman Rivers Webcast  
  No. 212 People v Daniel Thomas Webcast  
  No. 213 People v Chris McAlpin Webcast  
  October 19th, 2011    
  No. 204 Tkeshelashvili v State of New York Webcast  
  No. 205 Cadichon v Facelle Webcast  
  No. 206 Perl v Meher / No. 207 Adler v Bayer / No. 208 Travis v Batchi Webcast  
  October 18th, 2011    
  No. 185 U.S. Electronics, Inc. v Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. Webcast  
  No. 200 Salazar v Novalex Contracting Corp. Webcast  
  No. 201 Matter of Parkhurst v United Rentals Aerial Equipment Matter of Robinson v Gould Pumps ITT / No. 202 Matter of Raynor v Landmark Chrysler / No. 203 Matter of Collins v Dukes Plumbing and Sewer Service Inc. Webcast  
  October 13th, 2011    
  No. 194 People v Ermal Qoshja Webcast  
  No. 195 Matter of Sheeran v New York State Department of Transportion / No. 196 Matter of Birnbaum v New York State Department of Labor Webcast  
  No. 197 People v Michael Hall / No. 198 People v John Freeman Webcast  
  October 12th, 2011    
  No. 147 People v Dean Guay Webcast  
  No. 190 Bordeleau v State of New York Webcast  
  No. 191 Matter of the Arbitration Between Johnson City Professional Firefighters Local 921 and Village of Johnson City / Matter of the Arbitration Between Village of Johnson City and Johnson City Firefighters Association, Local 921 IAFF Webcast  
  No. 192 Gronski v County of Monroe Webcast  
  No. 193 City School District of the City of New York v McGraham Webcast  
  October 11th, 2011    
  No. 184 People, by Cuomo v First American Corporation Webcast  
  No. 186 People v Juan Medina Webcast  
  No. 187 People v Christian Bueno Webcast  
  No. 188 People v Sebastian Delamota Webcast  
  No. 199 CPS Operating Company LLC v Pathmark Stores, Inc. Webcast