Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

In 2017, Cristine M. Fredericks began her career in New York State Courts as a Spanish Interpreter. After working at Brooklyn Family Court for two and a half years, she was promoted to Senior Court Clerk. She currently works in this position at Bronx Civil Court. She was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. After graduating college Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Human Resources, she moved to New York, where she continued to further her education. After years of assimilation, education, and dedication, she graduated in the Class of 2014 at John Jay College – as a Valedictorian.

She began her career in law working in several immigration law firms as a paralegal. She has lived her life guided by this mantra: “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” and “Professionally I believe I am in the right path to attain my goals, however, I have never forgotten my roots. I am proud of the long way I have come; yet, I will never forget my culture, traditions, and background. To me, this is what makes America great. I am proud to belong to this thriving country, where I can contribute the fruits of my labor, my culture, and my identity while remaining faithful to my origins. I am proud to be Ecuadorian American.”


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

Danielle Gadson was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in January 2020. Ms. Gadson was hired by the Unified Court System on July 13, 2006 as a Court Assistant. She began her career in the courts in Queens and Manhattan Family Courts, where she served in many roles but, mostly as a Part Clerk for Child Support Parts. Upon passing the promotional exam in 2019, Danielle, was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in January of 2020. She is currently assigned to the Bronx Housing Court (Civil Court) and continues to work in the role of Part Clerk.

Danielle was born and raised in Queens, NY. She was raised by a single mom who is a retired Sergeant of the NYPD. Growing up, Danielle spent a lot of time visiting Precincts and the Courts, as her mom's command throughout the years was occasionally in various Criminal Courts within NYC. As a teen with an interest in Law and Law Enforcement, she attended Law, Government and Community Service Magnet High School where she was a writer for her school paper called "The Gavel". In the year 2000, Danielle graduated from high school and shortly after, she attended Buffalo State College (SUNY college at Buffalo), where she earned her B.A. in Communications and minored in Criminal Justice.   

Danielle is a wife and a mother to her 5 year old son. In her leisure time she enjoys, writing, traveling and learning new enrichment arts. Danielle continues to reside in Queens, NY.   


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

Star Jenkins was promoted to Senior Court Clerk. Ms. Jenkins received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Photography from Lehman College, while she entered the Court Officers Academy. “Becoming a court officer was both drastic and challenging.” Never one to back down from a challenge, she graduated the academy as a squad leader and haven't looked back since.

Never allowing her professional life to deter her from her passions, she makes time for cycling, crocheting, photography, reading and her number one love of traveling abroad. She also became a licensed massage therapist. “While my life has certainly had a few unexpected twists and turns, I look forward to my growth in my new title and advancing beyond. I believe myself to be A well-rounded, intellectual and forever a student of life.  I truly strive to live up to the significances of my name, providing light and healing above all no matter where life stations me or the title I hold.”


Associate Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court, Bronx County

Ms. Massenburg started her career with the New York State Unified Court System in July 2004 in an entry level clerical position as a Court Office Assistant working in Manhattan Criminal Court. She has also worked at the Harlem Community Justice Center, NY Supreme Civil Court and currently in the Bronx Civil Court. She ascended through the ranks via testing and as a result was promoted to a Senior Court Office Asst, then a Senior Court Clerk and now she is assigned as an Associate Court Clerk. “Each position came with a different experience. It enabled me to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to push me forward in my career. Though it was not always easy to pass those exams, I believe that a few failed tests only pushed me harder to succeed. I also had coworkers who became friends that were awesome mentors, motivators and cheerleaders that believed in me. I am most thankful to God for an abundance of blessings and successes, through Him all things are possible!”

“I believe success is within reach for anyone who is determined, diligent and dedicated. This is why I encourage and motivate others within and outside the system to persevere and reach for higher heights. It has been an amazing 16 years so far and I embrace the endless possibilities available to me in the court system. I am looking forward to where my career will take me next!” 


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

Tiffany T. McKenzie was promoted to Senior Court Clerk in the Bronx County Civil Court in January 2020. In 2016, she began a career in the courts as a Senior Court Office Assistant; a job series which is now renamed Clerical Assistant. She worked as a Clerical Assistant for the past 4 years in the Bronx County Surrogate’s Court. She worked in the private sector for over 20 years holding various positions. She worked at Blank Rome LLP as a records clerk and paralegal, and Weg and Myers PC as a paralegal and managing clerk just to name a few. In 2007, she graduated from Berkeley College with an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies She states, “So far, my career has been satisfying and rewarding, ultimately, my goal is to work in Family court.”


Associate Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court, Bronx County

Suzanne Neysmith started a new position as Associate Court Clerk in Bronx Housing Court on January 9, 2020. She started her court career in NY County Civil Court in October of 2000 as a Court Assistant assigned to the Landlord & Tenant division. Her assignments there included assisting litigants at the Attorney, Answer, HP, and Warrant counters. She transferred to Queens County Civil Court in 2003, where she worked as both a Civil and Landlord & Tenant Cashier. “My supervisor was very informative, supportive and encouraging. Under her guidance, and with a lot of hard work, I was able to score high enough on the Senior Court Clerk test to be hired in the spring of 2005.” 

As a Senior Court Clerk, she was assigned to Kings County Civil Court where she worked for almost 15 years in the Landlord & Tenant division and made several lifelong friends. “My many assignments included working with the public at the Answer, OSC, Cashier, and HP windows in the General Clerks’ office. In 2015, I was assigned to the courtrooms. I had many opportunities to transfer closer to my home in Queens County but the family I made in Kings Housing Court was worth the two-hour daily commute.” She feels very fortunate to have spent my entire 20 year career with Housing Court and the wonderful people that work here. 


Principal Court Reporter,
12th Judicial District

Tanya Oliver has been the Principal Court Reporter for Bronx Supreme Court since November 2019. She oversees the daily operations of a staff of 50 reporters. Ms. Oliver has over 30 years of experience as a court reporter.  She went to Stenotype Institute straight out of high school.  During her studies, she became a note reader for Nassau Reporting Agency in Manhattan.  After completing her studies, she started working for the New York City Transit Authority as a hearing reporter.  After gaining experience, she applied for a spot as a per diem court reporter in Family Court for the City of New York.   After a year as a per diem reporter, she applied as a provisional reporter for Bronx Criminal Court.  She passed the civil service test and became permanent as an official court reporter for Bronx Criminal Court.  After 14 years as an official court reporter in Bronx Criminal Court, she moved up to Bronx Supreme Court, where she once again passed the civil service test and became a permanent senior court reporter.   After 15 years as a senior court reporter, an opportunity opened up for the position as Principal Court Reporter in Bronx Supreme Court, which she sought and successfully obtained.  Since November 2019, she has been the Principal Court Reporter for Bronx Supreme Court.  She oversees the daily operations of a staff of 50 reporters.  She loves her job and credits the court reporting field with giving her so many opportunities she might not have had.


Deputy Chief Clerk V (Clerk of Court)
New York County Family Court

Juan R. Paez is Deputy Chief Clerk V (Clerk of Court) at New York County Family Court, where he is responsible for nonjudicial administration of court operations in a highly populated county. He was appointed in September 4, 2019, where he serves in a confidential capacity and assists the Chief Clerk VII and the First Deputy Chief Clerk in managing court operations.

Juan began his career as Court Officer in Bronx Criminal Court in January of 2001. He then passed the promotional Senior Court Clerk Exam and was promoted to Senior Court Clerk at the Bronx Family Court in 2005. His career progressed in 2009, when he was promoted to Associate Court Clerk, and then in 2016, with his promotion to Principal Court Clerk. Juan was then appointed to Deputy Clerk of Court in January of 2017, at the Bronx County Family Court. 


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

Yvette Parker became a Senior Court Clerk in January 2020. She was a court officer for over 17 years prior to becoming a Senior Court Clerk. She is currently assigned to Bronx Housing Court. “My duties mostly consist of processing Notice of Appeals, Subpoenas, and requests for Audio Records. However, I perform other tasks as well.  It is a busy place and there is never a dull moment.   I am grateful that I have embarked on a wonderful journey in the court system.” 

Ms. Parker began her career in the courts in 2003 as a Court Officer and after working for New York City for 20-years. “I am happy that I made that change.” Yvette Parker grew up in the South Bronx.   She attended City College and Stenotype Academy.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading true crime stories and romance novels.  


Associate Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court, Bronx County

Mehboobur Rahman started his career at the New York City Criminal Court back in July 2001 by taking an exam open to the public. He began working in the Bronx County Civil Court by being promoted as Sr. Court Office Assistant by taking the promotional exam. Almost five years later, he was promoted to Senior Court Clerk, then became an Associate Court Clerk this January 2020 by taking two promotional exams respectively. Mr Rahman has been supervising the Special Term and Calendar Department. He has spent most of his career life in the Bronx County Civil Court for about 16 years. He is grateful and proud to be a member of the NYS Unified Court System. He states, “I love my job.”

Mr. Rahman and his wife came to the US from Bangladesh in November 1998 as first-generation Immigrants by winning a DV lottery. He then proudly earned his US citizenship in July 2004. He has four children and they were all born in New York. He has a MSS (Masters of Social Science) from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Before joining the Court System, Mr. Rahman used to work at JP Morgan Chase Bank.


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
Bronx County

James Clark Robinson started his career in Kings County Housing Court in 2001.  Since then, he has worked under Civil and Family Court.  Currently he is assigned to Bronx Housing Court and has gone from Window Clerk as a Court Assistant to Senior Court Clerk responsible for two trial parts and two resolution parts.  James’ role in Civil Court has changed dramatically throughout the years, yet he remains a constant and diligent asset to Civil Court and hopes to continue along the Clerk track.

During the pandemic, James has emerged as a vital resource to Civil Court.  In response to the needs of the courts and community, James has had to work closely with administration and judicial staff to help bring about a Virtual Kiosk for litigants who have limited access to the technology needed to participate in virtual conferences. James accepts the challenges of this dynamic situation and is prepared to move forward. To that end, James Clark Robinson is a Senior Court Clerk dedicated to the principals of public service. 


Senior Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court,
New York County

Ms. Shepherd has been an employee in the Unified Court System since 2012. She entered the Court Officers Academy on December 17, 2012 and after graduation, she was assigned to her first command at Bronx Housing. “I loved it there because the officers and the other staff I worked with were the best. I learned so much there. However, I requested a transfer because of the time commuting to and from Brooklyn.” She received a transfer to NY Civil Court in January 2014, where she has again made lifetime friends and associates.  “The first time I took the clerks exam, I didn't pass it. I missed by a handful of points, which I took in stride because deep down I knew I didn't study to my full capacity. I let the next test pass me by, and on the encouragement of a fellow officer, I decided to take it again on 5/4/19. This time, I gave it my all and here I am.” She started her new position as Senior Court Clerk on 1/23/2020 in Bronx Civil. “I am very happy with my new position, even though I have had to learn a whole new way to be a clerk in this Covid19 pandemic. I feel things can only get better. Onward and upwards. “


Associate Court Clerk, NYC Civil Court, Bronx County

Cynthia Webb was promoted to Associate Court Clerk. Ms. Webb took advantage of the opportunity to take the civil service examination for Court Assistant with the NYS Unified Court System in 2010. “Within the first week of starting in White Plains Family Court in June of 2015, my supervisor provided us with a six month study schedule to begin studying for the Senior Court Clerk position, even though there was no pending date for the exam. The encouragement she offered, along with that of many colleagues, and family spurred me on from one exam to another. It is now my pleasure to serve the staff and litigants of Bronx Housing Court as an Associate Court Clerk.” 

She began her career in public service as a Betting Clerk at New York City Off-Track Betting. During her thirty-year tenure, she advanced from providing service to the general public to serving end users as the Director of Applications Development. She earned a bachelor’s degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she met her spouse of over 30 years. “We have been blessed with two adult children and five grandchildren. I will continue to strive to follow the example of faith, hard work and perseverance demonstrated by my mother over a lifetime of public service.” 


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