Jury Diversity Program


Keynote Speaker Dr. Betty Campbell with moderators Adrienne Williams, Esq., and Nadine C. Johnson, Esq.


The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission partnered with the Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association to host a free virtual seminar entitled Pathways to Jury Diversity on Thursday, November 12, 2020. After a brief introduction of the Commission, the seminar focused on creating a successful outreach plan to increase jury diversity. Speakers included FHW Co-Chairs, Hon. Shirley Troutman, Appellate Division, Fourth Department; Hon. Troy K. Webber, Appellate Division, First Department; and Dr. Betty Campbell, Commissioner of Jurors, Westchester County, FHW Commissioner. The program was moderated by FHW Commissioners Adrienne Williams, President of the Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association, and Nadine C. Johnson, former President, Metropolitan Black Bar Association. VIDEO LINK


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