Diversity in the Courts Program
3rd and 6th JDs


Top: Hon. Elizabeth A. Garry, Hon. Eugene D. Faughnan and Hon. Gerald Connolly.
Below: Hon. Richard Rivera, Hon. Lenora Foote-Beavers, Porter Kirkwood, Esq., and Dinquia Sanchez.


On November 19, 2020, the Commission held a virtual program for the Third and Sixth Judicial Districts, entitled The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Our Courts. The judges and non-judicial staff of the Third and Sixth Judicial Districts met with the FHW Commissioners in their districts and learned about the FHW Judicial Commission and how the Commission promotes racial and ethnic fairness in the Courts. Greetings and introductory remarks were provided by Hon. Elizabeth A. Garry, Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, Third Department, Hon. Gerald Connolly, Administrative Judge, Third Judicial District and Hon. Eugene D. Faughnan, Administrative Judge, Sixth Judicial District. Speakers included FHW Judicial Commissioners: Hon. Lenora Foote-Beavers, Judge, Buffalo City Court; Porter L. Kirkwood, Esq., District Executive, Sixth Judicial District; and Hon. Richard Rivera, Acting Albany County Supreme Court Justice, Supervising Judge, Domestic Violence Courts and Mentor Courts, Third Judicial District; and guest presenter, Dinquia Sanchez, Chief Clerk, Madison County Family Court.


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