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The Advisory Committee on the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) was created by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to comprehensively examine a proposal to adopt the UBE as part of the New York bar examination. A study committee chaired by the Honorable Jenny Rivera, Associate Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals, and comprised of representatives of law schools, the bar, the judiciary and the State Board of Law Examiners, was appointed by the Chief Judge.

In fulfillment of its mission and in the interests of transparency, the committee held four public hearings and informational presentations throughout the state, posted a podcast with the chair of the New York State Board of Law Examiners, disseminated "tweets" on the court system's Twitter account (NYSCourtsNews) to notify interested parties of upcoming hearings and informational sessions, created this web site, and promptly posted transcripts, witness statements and other comments received from those in favor of as well as those opposed to the proposal.

Over the span of several months, the Committee heard from scores of attorneys, academics, students, law school deans, bar associations, affinity groups and others. Its report reflects careful consideration of all the viewpoints expressed.

What’s New

In April 2015, the Advisory Committee submitted a final report to the Court of Appeals recommending that New York State fully adopt the Uniform Bar Examination, effective for the July 2016 test. It also recommended requiring candidates for the New York bar to take an online course on New York law and pass a separate, 50-question multiple choice exam on New York law. For more details, see the executive summary, the full report and appendices of materials that the Committee reviewed during its deliberations.