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The Judicial Institute provides statewide education and training for the judges and justices of the New York State Unified Court System. Created through a unique partnership between the court system and Pace Law School, the Institute provides a forum for judicial scholarship that includes continuing education seminars and conferences, as well as cooperative education programs with other state and federal judicial systems and related endeavors.

Judicial Institute Courses, Videos, and Materials

JI Courses: Only judges, justices, and attorneys of the New York State Unified Court System (UCS) are authorized to view Judicial Institute courses. The credentials used to access Judicial Institute courses may not be shared with individuals who are not UCS employees.

Accessing Online Videos: Judicial Institute videos are best viewed on a fast and secure web browser, e.g., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Copyright: All Judicial Institute videos and materials are subject to copyright law.
Questions regarding the use and/or sharing of Judicial Institute videos and materials should be directed to Damaris Torrent at

Judicial Institute Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The course catalog is a valuable resource that contains all of the Judicial Institute’s pre-recorded educational programs and covers a wide variety of procedural and substantive topics that are useful to judges and court attorneys. Most of the programs contained in the course catalog are eligible for CLE credit.

Newly Added JI Programs

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar

2020 Election Law Programs

2020 ADR Training Programs

Skills-Based Programs for the Physical and Virtual Courtroom

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar

The 2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar resumes September 8, 2020, with course offerings continuing through December 2020. The Judicial Institute will broadcast daily sessions on a broad array of subjects, criminal and civil.

These sessions are pre-recorded, unless otherwise noted. If you cannot view the program on the initial broadcast date, the program may be viewed later on the Judicial Institute’s web pages and Course Catalog.

CLE-eligible sessions are clearly identified.

The regular Tuesday and Thursday Lunch and Learn broadcasts will resume in January 2021.

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar: Plenary Sessions

07/01/20 Algorithmic Bias in AI Tools
07/08/20 Evaluating Police Uses of Force
07/15/20 The Judge’s Role as Gatekeeper for Admitting Relevant and Reliable Scientific Evidence, Part 1
07/22/20 The Judge’s Role as Gatekeeper for Admitting Relevant and Reliable Scientific Evidence, Part 2
07/29/20 Developing Trauma-Informed Procedures in the Courts:
                New York's Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act
08/05/20 When Humans Relinquish Control: Connected Machines and Autonomous Vehicles
08/12/20 Emerging Legal Issues Associated with Biometric Information
08/19/20 Police Misconduct Cases: Chokeholds and Judicial Responses
08/26/20 Reimagining Access to Justice in a Virtual Era
09/08/20 Interpreting the COVID-19 Toll and Related Administrative Orders
09/09/20 Coping with Stress and Anxiety following COVID
09/10/20 Judicial Ethics Update, Part 1
09/11/20 Judicial Ethics Update, Part 2
09/14/20 COVID-19's Impact on the Constitution

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar: Civil Sessions

09/15/20 CPLR Case Studies, Part I Jurisdiction, Venue, Commencement
09/16/20 CPLR Case Studies, Part II Statute of Limitations
09/17/20 CPLR Case Studies, Part III Service, Parties, Pleadings
09/18/20 CPLR Case Studies, Part IV Motions, Accelerated Judgment
09/21/20 CPLR Case Studies, Part V Disclosure
09/22/20 Court of Appeals Civil Update 2020
09/23/20 Incorporating ADR Techniques in Your Courtroom
09/24/20 Labor Law Update 2020
09/25/20 Summary Judgment in Foreclosure Actions
09/29/20 Insurance Law Today: Selected Issues
09/30/20 An Introduction to the Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation:
                Resources for the Judiciary, Third Edition
10/01/20 Motion to Confirm the Referee’s Report - The Evidentiary Standard
10/02/20 Required Proof and Computation of Damages in Small Claims Cases
10/05/20 COVID-19’s Impact on Consumer Financial Protection
10/06/20 New York’s Enactment of the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act: 
                What Every Judge Needs to Know
10/07/20 Recent Developments in Municipal Law
10/08/20 Recent Developments in Evidence: Application of New York's Rape Shield Law to Civil Actions
10/09/20 Involuntary Hospitalization Pursuant to Article 9 of the Mental Hygiene Law
10/13/20 Handling Death Cases in New York 2020
10/14/20 Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Kendra’s Law)
10/15/20 Dram Shop Liability in New York
10/16/20 Recent Issues in Civil Discovery

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar: Matrimonial Sessions

10/19/20 Overcoming Coronavirus Challenges in Matrimonial Courtrooms - A Discussion with the
                Supervising Judges
10/20/20 Matrimonial Update, Part 1
10/21/20 Matrimonial Update, Part 2
10/22/20 An Overview of Maintenance, Child Support, Imputed Income and Support Modification
10/23/20 Financial and Custodial Modification Applications Amid COVID 19 - Issues and Considerations
                for Matrimonial Judges
10/26/20 Predatory Marriage and New York’s Elective Share Law
10/27/20 Protecting the Record – An Appellate View
10/28/20 Evidence in Matrimonial Matters 2020
10/29/20 The Intersection of Matrimonial Law and Immigration: A Panel Discussion

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar: Criminal Sessions

11/02/20 Emerging Issues Under the DVSJA
11/04/20 Criminal Law Updates, Part I: Search and Seizure, Miranda, Suppression,
                and the Attorney-Client Relationship
11/05/20 Criminal Law Updates, Part II: Discovery, Evidence, Waivers of Indictment,
                Substantive Law, and Sentencing
11/06/20 Criminal Law Updates, Part III: Grand Jury, Discovery, Cooperation Agreements, Pleas,
                Waivers of Appeal, and the Right to Be Present
11/09/20 Criminal Law Updates, Part IV: Trial Practice, Jury Issues, Sentencing, and Post-Judgment
11/10/20 Protective Orders and Adequate Contact Information
11/12/20 Using the Criminal Jury Instructions and Model Colloquies
11/13/20 Search Warrant Overview
11/16/20 The Use of Police Personnel Files at Trial

2020 Virtual Judicial Seminar: NYC Housing Court Sessions

11/17/20 Best Practices in Remote Housing Court Proceedings
11/18/20 Nonpayments 101
11/19/20 Matter of Regina Metro Co.’s Impact on the HSTPA’s Rent Overcharge Provisions
11/20/20 Issues That Arise When Dealing with a Condo/Co-op Case
11/23/20 Hotel Stabilization/Single Room Occupancy Issues in NYC Housing Court
11/24/20 Motions for Relief Based on Constitutional Challenges to the HSTPA
11/25/20 NYC Housing Court Litigation Involving NYCHA

Virtual sessions in the following areas will be made available throughout the Fall:
Family Court and Surrogate's Court.

2020 Election Law Programs

10/28/20 Election Law 101
09/23/20 Election Law – Review of 2020 Changes Including Absentee Ballot Changes
02/25/20 Election Law Update 2020

2020 ADR Training Programs

11/02/20 Part 146 Webinar for ADR Coordinators
11/02/20 ADR Ethics Program: Implicit Bias in New York State Courts
11/02/20 Roster Mediation Programs: What Is Available and How Do They Work?
11/02/20 10 Tips for Managing Rosters of Neutrals
11/02/20 Referring ADR Cases to your Community Dispute Resolution Center:
                An Introduction for Court Staff
11/02/20 Managing High Conflict Litigants

Skills-Based Programs for the Physical and Virtual Courtroom

10/08/20 Landlord and Tenant Law: Trials, Motions and the Housing Stability and
                Tenant Protection Act of 2019
08/31/20 Best Practices for Conducting a Civil Bench Trial
07/31/20 Tips and Strategies for a Virtual Appearance in Family Court
07/21/20 Remote Criminal Proceedings in the Age of COVID-19: Experiences from the Trenches
07/09/20 Disability Issues in the Physical and Virtual Courtroom
05/27/20 Tips on Managing Your Judicial Workload From Home
05/19/20 Alternative Dispute Resolution in the NYS Courts: 2020 Updates
                Part I: The Tools of Settlement in a Virtual Space

Summer 2020 Programs of Interest

Meet Your Presiding Justices Interview Series

Women Leaders in the Courts Interview Series

Judicial Wellness Series