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The Judicial Institute provides statewide education and training for the judges and justices of the New York State Unified Court System. Created through a unique partnership between the court system and Pace Law School, the Institute provides a forum for judicial scholarship that includes continuing education seminars and conferences, as well as cooperative education programs with other state and federal judicial systems and related endeavors.

New Program: A Review and Analysis of the New Uniform Rules

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

In Administrative Order AO/270/20 (dated December 29, 2020; effective February 1, 2021), Chief Administrative Judge Marks incorporated certain rules, and variations thereof, of the Commercial Division into the Uniform Rules for the Supreme Court and the County Court.This program examines these rules and their impact on civil practice in these courts.

View New Uniform Rules Program

Farewell to Dean Newton

Damaris Torrent, Judicial Institute Chief of Staff, the entire JI staff, and John Caher, Director of the Courts Amici Podcasts, present a farewell interview with Judge Juanita Bing Newton, Dean of the Judicial Institute. Dean Newton's retirement on December 30, 2020 represents the culmination of 35 years of distinguished court service.

This interview can be accessed at the following link:
Judge Newton's Interview      Interview Transcript

Chief Judge DiFiore on Judge Newton's Retirement

Press Release Announcing Judge Newton's Retirement

JI News: CPLR Basics Series and Evidence Basics Series

The Judicial Institute is starting two new educational series.
The first part of the CPLR Basics Series will be broadcast on February 9, 2021.
The Evidence Basics Series will be starting soon.
Please check the Judicial Institute website periodically for upcoming broadcast dates.

Judicial Institute Courses, Videos, and Materials

JI Courses: Only judges, justices, and attorneys of the New York State Unified Court System (UCS) are authorized to view Judicial Institute courses. The credentials used to access Judicial Institute courses may not be shared with individuals who are not UCS employees.

Accessing Online Videos: Judicial Institute videos are best viewed on a fast and secure web browser, e.g., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Copyright: All Judicial Institute videos and materials are subject to copyright law.
Questions regarding the use and/or sharing of Judicial Institute videos and materials should be directed to Damaris Torrent at

Judicial Institute Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The course catalog is a valuable resource that contains all of the Judicial Institute’s pre-recorded educational programs and covers a wide variety of procedural and substantive topics that are useful to judges and court attorneys. Most of the programs contained in the course catalog are eligible for CLE credit.

Newly Added JI Programs

2021 Educational Broadcasts

A Review and Analysis of the New Uniform Rules

CPLR Basics Series

2020 ADR Training Programs

Skills-Based Programs for the Physical and Virtual Courtroom

2021 Educational Broadcasts

The Tuesday and Thursday Lunch and Learn broadcasts are restarting on January 12, 2021.

These programs are pre-recorded, unless otherwise noted. These programs may also be viewed on the Judicial Institute’s Course Catalog.

CLE-eligible programs are clearly identified.

03/23/21 The New Virtual Bench Trials Handbook – Views from the Bench, Part 2
03/18/21 The New Virtual Bench Trials Handbook – Views from the Bench, Part 1
03/16/21 Grand Jury 101
03/11/21 Marital Agreements in the Surrogate's Court
03/09/21 Jury Bias in Civil Cases
03/04/21 Mediating in MHL Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings
03/02/21 Judicial Ethics Developments
02/25/21 Introduction to Serious Injury Motions
02/23/21 Emerging Evidentiary Issues in the Digital Age
02/18/21 The Ethics of Electronic Information
02/16/21 The Impact of Implicit Bias in Sentencing
02/11/21 CPLR Basics, Part 2
02/09/21 CPLR Basics, Part 1
02/04/21 Trial Issues: Dealing with Lesser Included Offenses
02/02/21 Achieving Excellence in Parent Education in New York
01/28/21 Search Warrants for Digital Data
01/26/21 Use of Subpoenas 2021
01/21/21 An Overview of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019
01/19/21 Molineux Case Law Update 2020
01/14/21 Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings:
                Pretrial Discovery and Suppression Law and Procedures-Part 2
01/12/21 Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings:
                Pretrial Discovery and Suppression Law and Procedures-Part 1

CPLR Basics Series

Commencing the Civil Action 
Service of Process and the Defendant's Response 

2020 ADR Training Programs

11/02/20 Part 146 Webinar for ADR Coordinators
11/02/20 ADR Ethics Program: Implicit Bias in New York State Courts
11/02/20 Roster Mediation Programs: What Is Available and How Do They Work?
11/02/20 10 Tips for Managing Rosters of Neutrals
11/02/20 Referring ADR Cases to your Community Dispute Resolution Center:
                An Introduction for Court Staff
11/02/20 Managing High Conflict Litigants

Skills-Based Programs for the Physical and Virtual Courtroom

10/08/20 Landlord and Tenant Law: Trials, Motions and the Housing Stability and
                Tenant Protection Act of 2019
08/31/20 Best Practices for Conducting a Civil Bench Trial
07/31/20 Tips and Strategies for a Virtual Appearance in Family Court
07/21/20 Remote Criminal Proceedings in the Age of COVID-19: Experiences from the Trenches
07/09/20 Disability Issues in the Physical and Virtual Courtroom
05/27/20 Tips on Managing Your Judicial Workload From Home
05/19/20 Alternative Dispute Resolution in the NYS Courts: 2020 Updates
                Part I: The Tools of Settlement in a Virtual Space

Programs of Interest

Meet Your Presiding Justices Interview Series

Women Leaders in the Courts Interview Series

Judicial Wellness Series