Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children
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Hear Jocelyn's story "I didn't go to court initially. I was worried because I didn’t know what was going to happen." - Jocelyn
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Hear Anthony's story "The judge would ask me how I was doing, how is school going and how was I doing in my current placement. By doing this the judge developed a relationship with me so that I actually felt comfortable going to court." - Anthony
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Hear Jocelyn's story "The first time I really spoke up I was moved back to the area of my high school so I could continue going to school in the setting I was used to. This was a huge milestone for me because school has always been very important to me and I had a chance to excel in the way I wanted to." - Domonica
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Hear Ace's story "Youth should understand that Judges are the key to getting what they want or need. And Judges should understand we are more than those statements (in our folders) – we could possibly be the next them." - Ace
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Hear Nunzio's story "In my most recent permanency hearing, my goal was going to be independent living, but I didn’t really want to do that. I really wanted a family again." - Nunzio
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Hear Charlie and Kelly's story "If we weren’t there, no one would have known." - Charlie and Kelly
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Hear Antonio's story "There have been times that I have been at court waiting and have seen things that I really didn’t want to see or hear…I knew that I would be alright. Just as other youth will be when they experience these emotions in court." - Charlie and Kelly
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