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New York State has a proven commitment to improving the effectiveness and fairness of its juvenile justice system. A series of interconnected reform strategies have begun to alter the way New York does business in retrospect to its youth in custody. 

The juvenile delinquent population in New York State has been steadily shrinking for the better part of a decade. Facility closures and cost-savings reinvestment have allowed agencies to begin to explore innovative approaches, and necessary adjustments in attempt to provide better outcomes and service provision for justice-involved youth. A list of major state developments can be found under the “Court Initiatives” tab.

Through collaboration with the other state juvenile justice agencies including the Office of Children and Family Services and the Division of Criminal Justice Services, UCS has demonstrated its commitment to juvenile justice reform through participation in a number of initiatives including the Adolescent Diversion Parts, Regional Youth Justice Teams and the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. Continued partnerships with key state and local stakeholder groups will ultimately result in improved outcomes for New York’s young people.