Opinion 21-139

December 6, 2021

Dear :


         This responds to your inquiry (21-139) asking whether you may provide the village clerk a list of summonses issued for the month to be presented to a village board of trustees.


         We have previously advised that it is not proper for a court to prepare documents for the police, prosecutor or news media. However, a court may, subject to all applicable statutory provisions concerning confidential information or sealed records, present a monthly status report to the town or village board at a public board meeting.


         Accordingly, we conclude that a town judge may compile a list of all summonses issued in the past month, and submit it to the town board.


         Enclosed for your convenience are Opinions 15-30; 14-154- 07-115; 13-19 and 07-185/08-68/08-77 which address this issue.

                                     Very truly yours,



                                       Margaret T. Walsh

                                       Supreme Court Justice

                                       Committee Co-Chair


                                       Lillian Wan

                                       Acting Supreme Court Justice

                                       Committee Co-Chair