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New York Law Reports Style Manual Section 4.1(c)(2)
Criminal Jury Instructions 2d

Citation Form

Citation to charge:

(CJI2d[NY] Penal Law § 125.27)

(CJI2d[NY] Culpable Mental States—Intent)

(CJI2d[NY] Penal Law art 265, Intent to Use Unlawfully and Justification)

Citation to charge and endnote:

(CJI2d[NY] Accessorial Liability n 8)

Citation including revision date:

(CJI2d[NY] Accessorial Liability [rev July 29, 2002])

Charge to former crimes:

(CJI2d[NY] Penal Law former § 130.35 [1])

Capital charges:

(CJI2d[NY] Capital Sentencing; Preliminary Instructions and Voir Dire)