Opinion 07-182

January 2, 2008

         This responds to your inquiry (07-182) regarding whether an attorney you have known since law school may include your name as a “general reference” in the resume he/she is submitting for a position at a local college.

         This Committee has held that a judge may provide a reference for a job applicant that reflects the judge’s personal appraisal of the applicant’s abilities. Opinions 06-10; 88-10 (Vol. I).

         Thus, you may permit the attorney to submit your name as a reference under the circumstances presented. You are reminded that if you respond in writing using judicial letterhead to an inquiry concerning the applicant, you must mark the response “personal and unofficial.” Opinions 06-10; 88-10 (Vol. I).

         I enclose copies of Opinions 06-10 and 88-10 for your reference.