Opinion 10-138

January 7, 2011

          This responds to your inquiry (10-138) asking whether you may maintain an internet blog and comment on current events in a manner similar to the sample you provided.

          The Committee previously has commented about judges using internet-based social networks (see Opinion 08-176). There the Committee advised that the question is not whether a judge may use a social network, but how he/she does so (see id.). The same is true with respect to judges using internet blogs as well.

          Therefore, in light of the general nature of your inquiry, I have enclosed a copy of Opinion 08-176 for your information and guidance. If you have specific questions about the subject matter or other aspects of the internet blog you propose, please feel free to submit them to the Committee.

          I also have enclosed Opinions 09-56, 06-06, 01-68, 94-02 (Vol. XII) concerning judges participating in organizations that involve or writing about controversial issues.