Opinion 91-05

February 8, 1991

NOTE: This Opinion was overruled by 22 NYCRR 100.4(G) which provides as follows:

(G) Practice of Law. A full-time judge shall not practice law. Notwithstanding this prohibition, a judge may act pro se and may, without compensation, give legal advice to a member of the judge's family.


Dear Judge

         The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, at its meeting of January 24, 1991, considered your inquiry (91-05), dated January 4, 1991, whether you may respond to informal requests by friends and relatives for legal advice. It is the Committee's opinion that you may offer informal, uncompensated legal advice to a friend or relative when there exists no attorney-client relationship.

                                                                     Very truly yours,

                                                                     Samuel J. Silverman