Opinion 93-92

October 28, 1993


Digest:         A judge should not perform weddings at a commercial wedding chapel at the request of the proprietor; the judge may perform a wedding at such a place at the request of the prospective bride or groom or their families.


Rule:            22 NYCRR 100.2(c)


         A part-time justice has been requested by the owners of a wedding chapel to perform a marriage ceremony at their establishment.

         Rule 100.2(c) of the Rules of the Chief Administrator provides in part that "[n]o judge shall lend the prestige of his or her office to advance the private interests of others ...”. Acceding to the proprietor's request would contravene this Rule.

         On the other hand, there would be no violation if the justice were to perform a wedding at a commercial wedding chapel if requested to do so by the bride, the groom, or someone making the request on their behalf, since weddings are routinely performed at commercial establishments such as restaurants.