Opinion 94-87

October 31, 1994

Dear Mr.

         In your letter of September 9, 1994, you informed the Committee that you have announced your candidacy for a political party's designation as its candidate for the position of City Court judge. The election for this position is to be held in November 1995.

         Your inquiry is (1) whether you can now begin to meet with party members who are involved in making the party's designation for the purpose of informing them of your qualifications and of your interest in the position and (2) whether you can write to the County Bar Association and an Association of Women Attorneys asking that they conduct their evaluation of candidates prior to the time that your political party will be reaching its decision, so that those involved will have the benefit of the evaluations.

         The Committee sees no ethical objection to the conduct contemplated by you, as described above.


Very truly yours,



Samuel J. Silverman