Opinion 95-62

April 27, 1995


Digest:         The campaign committee of a town justice may seek financial support for the justice's campaign for re-election.


Rule:            Code of Judicial Conduct; Canon 7(B)(2); 22 NYCRR 100 .7(2)(b)


         A town justice is seeking re-election and asks "whether my campaign committee is permitted to seek financial support from corporate and private donors" (emphasis in original).

         Canon 7(b)(2) of the Code of Judicial Conduct permits a candidate for judicial office to establish committees "to secure and manage the expenditure of funds for his campaign..." Thus, the inquirer's campaign committee make seek the necessary support. Further, section 100.7(2)(b) of the Rules of the Chief Administrator provides, with respect to contributors to campaigns for judicial office, that "where the judge is a candidate for judicial office, reference should be made to the Election Law."

         We do not pass on the question of law as to whether there may be any particular restrictions on contributions by corporate donors.