Opinion 95-65

April 27, 1995


Digest:         Compensation for legal services received by a full-time judge for services rendered prior to becoming a judge is not covered by Section 100.6(c) of the Rules of the Chief Administrator.


Rule:            22 NYCRR 100.6(c)


         A recently-elected Supreme Court justice states as follows: "As I have recently commenced my fourteen year term, I am still receiving compensation for past services rendered from my former law firm." The judge ask whether such income is "required to be reported under §100.6(c) as it does not correlate to any activity in calendar year 1995?"

         Section 100.6(c) of the Rules of the Chief Administrator provides that "A judge must report the date, place, and nature of any activity for which he or she received compensation, and the name of the payor and amount of compensation so received." The Committee is of the opinion that monies received as compensation for legal services rendered by the inquiring judge before he/she became a judge are not covered by section 100.6(c) of the Rules.