Opinion 95-66

June 5,1995


Dear Judge:

         This in response to your letter of April 3,1995, in which you request that the Committee reconsider the propriety of certain political activities of Judicial Hearing Officers.

         The Committee has adopted the view, reaffirmed at its meeting of April 27, 1995, that, in general, under the current Canons (Code) of Judicial Conduct, a Judicial Hearing Officer is subject to the same restrictions as other judicial officers and that, therefore, a Judicial Hearing Officer should not engage in inappropriate political activities.

         However, it should be noted that the present Rules of the Chief Administrator Governing Judicial Conduct are presently undergoing review for a proposed revision. Since that process has not yet been completed, we are unable, at present, to state whether it will affect the concerns set forth in your letter.

                                                                     Very truly yours,


Lawrence J. Bracken

On behalf of the

Advisory Committee

cc: Samuel J. Silverman