Opinion: 96-20

March 12, 1996

Digest:  A judge's name may be listed on a non-profit organization's letterhead as an officer, director or trustee and use of the letterhead for fund raising or membership solicitation is permissible.

Rules:  22 NYCRR 100.4(C)(3)(b)(iv).


            A town justice who is a Board Member of a non-profit corporation seeks confirmation of the significance of the recent amendment of the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct, specifically section 100.4(C)(3)(b)(iv). Under that section, it is now permissible for the judge's name to be listed on the organization's regular letterhead as an officer, director or trustee of such organization, with his/her judicial designation if consonant with the designations used for other persons on the letterhead, even where the letterhead is used by the organization for fund-raising or membership solicitation, provided that the judge does not personally engage in such activities.